Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our dreams of perfection...

We dream of perfect love. But there is no such thing as “perfect”. We love, we become happy, we get hurt, we cry, and we feel like our hearts will never be whole again. After every broken relationship I realized, it’s just a cycle. Time will heal you, and everything will start all over again...

Break free. Love and understand yourself. Nobody is allowed to judge you. You get to choose how you want to handle the pain... how to move on. It’s your life. You shouldn’t do what you think is RIGHT, you should do what you think will make you HAPPY. Sometimes, we unconsciously do the right thing for the sake of pleasing others and not for ourselves. Well, to hell with that, be selfish at times. You don’t have to please other people, what you need is to please yourself first.

On long distance relationships.

A friend who went through the same situation told me, “It’s too tough to handle a long distance relationship. Sometimes you need a person to hold close to yourself. Someone to wipe your tears and someone to compliment your smiles... I don’t know what or why it happens but if you’re not happy then it’s better to end it at a betters note than dragging it till it becomes a burden for both. Time is a doctor and a magician. It can heal any pain and it can change anything... whether it’s feelings or people. There is no such thing as eternal love. Love is like phases of the moon. Either it will increase or decrease with time. It will never be the same. So I would like to end something when it’s good and remember it like that... in this way I will remember the best in him or her...” This made me cry. It was the best message/advice I got since after the breakup. 

On moving forward.

It gets better, believe me. The pain will eventually fade. Just remember the good times, the smiles, the adventures... Everything will fall into place again.

“Time is the greatest healer. It’s not easy to get over a broken heart, but if you believe you are strong enough, time does the rest.”