Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The American Eye Care Experience

I recently had a surgery for my eye. I underwent Lasik with American Eye Care. It was the greatest gift... and I thank my dad for making this dream come true.

I went to the clinic to have my eyes checked. They will decide if its ok to do the procedure with your eyes. A series of tests and procedures.. American Eye Care, unlike other clinic perhaps, they doesn't allow the surgery if your grade is below 300 on both eyes. So make sure you have your eyes checked first. If you're good to go, you need to rest your eyes for about two weeks, if you're wearing contact lenses everyday.

The surgery itself didn't take long. The waiting is what kills you. I see people come and go inside the operating room, I can't see their faces but they all say that its ok and it doesn't hurt. Well, true, not MUCH pain. But it still hurts a bit. I remember telling the doctor "naiiyak po ako, ok lang po ba yun?" But I was already crying when I asked. LOL. It was only the suction they did with the eyes to cut the flap that hurts. The laser itself was amazingly unpainful. You just need to watch green and red lights dancing, focus on the light... You can only smell the burning of your blindedness. Hahaha! Hello new eyes! :)

I went home with a patch in my eyes and a cool clear shades. It comes free with the meds and CD (yes, they taped it for remembrance!). Be sure someone will accompany you when you do this surgery. It will be hard to walk alone. And just a tip, do the procedure in the afternoon. I did it around 6pm, I just ate dinner after and then sleep. I don't know if I could make it throughout the day if I did it in the morning. Its just better to sleep the pain away.

After the procedure...

It was like being born again, first time I open my eyes, everything was scary. All things were blurred and it hurts to open them. I slept it off. The next day, I almost cried by just seeing the hands of my clock from across the room. I can see the time now, without reaching out to look for my eyeglasses when I wake up. As they say, its the small things that makes the difference.

With these brand new eyes, I can see things clearly now... and a new perception of life. I've been given the most wonderful gift and I shouldn't waste it. I know my dad loves me this much. I cannot ask for more. And even though I'm not always with him, he still lets me feel that he would always give me what is best for me. Thank you is not enough to show my appreciation. I am happy... very.

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