Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Here comes 2015...

Looking back the past year, I wish I had done so many more things like travel more, relax a little, etc. But I regret nothing because I am grateful for its outcome.

As I write this piece today, I want to let you all know that I'm the luckiest 28 year old girl I know. I have awesome parents who gives me everything I need, or even things that I don't need. You may think I'm just a spoiled brat, but I'm not. My parents taught me that to achieve things, first you must HELP YOURSELF. Work your butts off your comfort zone. You cannot achieve things if you will just sit there and wait for blessings -- it doesn't come to you, you go and grab it. HELP OTHERS who are willing to help themselves. You cannot help someone who doesn't want it, what you give will only go to waste... so save it for a more deserving person.  My dad also secretly teaches me to BE HUMBLE, he doesn't say it out loud but I understand. He always says "We are not rich, but we have enough money to spend in cases of emergency and to live our lives comfortably. We don't have to be ultra rich like Henry Sy, who cannot go out of his house without bodyguards. We don't need luxurious materials or spend lavishly on unnecessary stuffs. We just have to live our normal lives and enjoy it." (Insert high five here!)

Have I mentioned how lucky I am? Yes I don't have a new cellphone, or an expensive camera, and people always tell me I'm so "kuripot" (thrifty) when it comes to my own stuffs. I admit, I choose not to buy because I feel bad spending on things that I want, not need. I've learned to manage my money through the years I've lived alone and paying for my own expenses. And I don't care, because I know I have so much more... I have friends and family who makes me feel loved and happy - happy enough that I don't think so much of material things. The bonus? I get to save up for my future, wherever it may lead.

Thank you 2014, for all the blessings and happiness you have offered me. Thank you for the bad also, because it taught me lessons I wouldn't learn if I have not failed. Thank you for the gift of love and understanding. Thank you for literally everything. And if I could change anything in the past year, today I would have been different, so I wouldn't (change anything). I am just going to leave 2014 behind happier and contented...

So here comes 2015 and the list of things I want to do/achieve for the coming year:

- travel more
- sleep when tired and drink vitamins
- donate to those in need (if not money or goods, then service will do) - My mom told me she cried watching a homeless man going through the trash for food. She cried while telling me the story, it breaks my heart. Now I understand why she segregates and puts in separate sealed plastic all the food we have to throw away.
- take risks
- exercise, lose the muffin tops
- push my limits
- more sleep
- if angry, don't argue and just walk away
- reconnect with old friends
- stay in touch with friends and family
- don't let work prevent you from building your social life
- buy a new phone (just because my phone is slowly dying on me) OR wait for Globe's free phone LOL #kuripot
- maintain a planner whole year round
- always be in good mood even when things are bad
- slight change in wardrobe, limit the shirts. more girly stuffs.
- more blogging for future references and to keep memories
- tap my artistic side again and make new projects
- love unconditionally
- give without expectations
- be a little more understanding of other people
- learn how to fire a gun
- own a gun
- go on an out of country trip
- appreciate the little things

...and this list will still go on...

Let me end this entry with a wish. I wish everyone a prosperous new year, may you achieve your life goals and live a better, healthier and happier life. Always remember, the choice is yours. Grab it.

Some people think they know me, but really, they don't. You cannot really judge a person by watching from the outside. But if they could (know me better), they'd be surprised of my stories to share. :)

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