Monday, January 19, 2015

My "Living Alone" Story

I've been brought up in a household with 2-3 maids. I wake up in the morning - breakfast is ready. I eat. I take a bath - they prepare everything and heat it up for me. I fix myself and then leave the house. Nothing to worry about. The helpers does everything for me... from fixing my bed to picking up my used clothes in the bathroom. Mom pays all the bills, takes care of groceries and shopping. I don't have to pay for anything, everything is free.

Until 2 years ago, when my mom got accepted as a scholar in Australia for her PhD. She left the Philippines to study in Sydney. Me and my brother moved to a condominium to rent since the house was too big and expenses will be hard to maintain. I chose to rent a studio type unit because it was cheaper. I had nothing but my clothes. But that was ok. I didn't need anything. You see, I was that type who would just stay in my room and watch TV series in my laptop. All I actually needed was INTERNET. So I got it right away. But it had to be bundled with a cable since my nephew always wants to watch cartoons and that's the only way I can make him want to stay at my place. :P

We wear uniform at the office from Monday to Thursday, I only have 4 sets so I need to have it washed every week. There is no way I can wash them on my own because there was no place to hang them. So there, I need to be home straight after work TWICE A WEEK. Why twice? One for pick-up and one for delivery. And they won't be able to tell you what time exactly they will come, you just have to be there when they do. My friends laugh at me when they ask me out and I always say its laundry day. Maybe they got tired asking me out, or they thought I was lying... but really, its laundry day twice a week. LOL. This year I bought a washing machine, so I do it on my own now. Which is basically just the same, just more work for me. Water delivery also requires me to be home so I usually do it the same day, if I am lucky.

On weekends, I need to clean the place - slight dusting, major floor mopping, changing of sheets, etc. But if for general cleaning, I hire someone to do it for me. I just can't clean the bathroom, sorry... :p

Another dilemma is food. I usually have food delivered at my place. Saves me from the hassle of cooking and cleaning up after. But its kinda expensive if you think about it. Now, I try to cook. But you have to cook for a few days worth or else you'll get tired of cooking for yourself everyday. The preparations and cleaning up takes more time than eating what you prepared. LOL.

Living alone might seem to others like freedom and happiness packed in one box, but honestly, living alone is hard... and tiring! But if I can do it, you can do it. You need to move on a schedule because there is no one to rely on but yourself. For two years, I've slowly managed to arrange my schedule so I can do all the chores I need to do before another week starts. It's really really tiring. And I miss my yaya's. I miss laying around during the weekends, and drinking with my friends after work during weekdays, and being lazy. Hahaha!

Living alone ate my social life but its all worth it because it thought me the true meaning of independence. I am proud of myself. From managing my finances to managing my time - it is the greatest lesson in life.

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