Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fortune Island, Batangas

We've been planning and researching about this for weeks. Finally...

I present to you, Leviste's abandoned island in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Once upon a time, this was a private luxury resort. People can only reach it through either a boat or a helicopter. Since Leviste was accused of murder, and following the opening of other private resorts in Nasugbu (where you won't need a boat or a helicopter ride), this island slowly lost the competition until its abandonment. No lights, no water, no everything.

Boat ride was a bit pricey. Php5,500-6,000 for 6-7 pax for overnight trip. Travel time is around an hour going from Nasugbu to the island. Landing fee will cost you Php400 per person for an overnight stay (this will go to the Korean, a diver who is renting the island from the Leviste's) Bring your own tent or you can rent one for a fee of Php700-800. I suggest you buy one kasi magkapresyo lang halos, plus you can bring it home pa. Don't forget your emergency lights and water. These are the most important things to bring.

So here starts the adventure...

Look for your friends and go for a boat ride.

Set up your tents and make sure your stuffs are safe and sealed.

Climb up and view the whole island.

Here I found lost kids wandering with a statue.

...and then I found a lost mermaid (or syokoy?) fighting with the waves.

I also found a kid who almost lost one of his slippers.

C'mon and jump off a cliff. (I didn't really jump haha)

We played with the sunset.

...and the sunset played with us.

All in all, it was a great adventure. It was my first time to experience something like this. Kaya naman pala mabuhay ng 2 days without electricity and internet, sleeping sa tent and walang ligo ligo. Bawal maarte sa island na to. Nawala yung arte ko. Hahaha :)) Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so try it girls and boys. #YOLO

"Every new friend is a new adventure... a start of more memories."


  1. i was working before in fortune island, the place was used to be a paradise. you cant go there easily not unless you are a share holder. im quiet surprise when i saw in the video that is has been abandoned for years. sad..

    1. Yeah, but I'm thinking the situation in the island could be worse now that they opened it to the public at a low price (lower than what we paid for when we went there). So sad that something so beautiful was taken for granted. I loved the waves there. :)