Saturday, November 8, 2014

Guidelines in choosing a condominium.

Looking for a condo? Here are some basic tips/guidelines that would help you determine if the condominium you're looking at will live up to your standards. This is for y'all especially the single people who are starting an independent life and moving out of their parents' home...

I wouldn't say I am an expert, but living in condos for about two years now, I've seen different flaws that could have been avoided if you choose your condo wisely. There is no perfect condo, that is for sure. But it's up to you to decide which flaws you can live with. 

1) First and most important, know the developer.

Research about the developers and visit their actual sites. Showrooms only show you the "ideal" appearance of your future unit, but when you get it bare, that's a different story (a story full of expenses LOL) For me, the most important thing is the foundation of the building and how the dividers in each units are built. Try to punch the walls and feel for yourself if its full concrete or hollow. Most developers build their projects the same way so you will get a slight idea what type of construction that developer does. Once you've chosen your preferred developer, choose which of their projects are within your preferred area. Then do your site visit again.

2) Management of propertyDuring your site visit, look around. Is their condo properly maintained, clean and homey? The appearance of the condo reflects the type of management it has.

3) Amenities and facilities.

How big is the pool and imagine if it can accommodate all the people in that compound. Some condos offer gym, tennis and basketball courts. Be sure that the events area is away from your prospect unit, because it might be noisy there occasionally, if you don't mind a little noise then okay. Common areas should be visitor friendly also.

4) Ask people there how much is the monthly association dues. Multiply that to the size of your prospect unit, and reflect if you can afford to pay it. Owning a condo is a responsibility, you need to start paying your bills. Haha!

5) Ask where the garbage bins are. Trust me on this.

6) Security - Of course you need to feel safe if you're living alone.

7) Parking - Whether you own a car or not, inquire if there are ample parking space. (Well if you ask the agents they usually say yes haha) It's still better to have your own though, yes pricey, but convenient. You can always rent it out if you don't own a car yet.

8) Drying cages - They usually have this for low and mid-rise condominiums. But if you don't have time to wash your clothes, you can ask the admin for recommended laundry shops near the area - they will pick-up and deliver your clothes for you.

9) Accessibility - Public transportation or private vehicle? Where is the nearest supermarket, mall, etc.?

10) Utilities - I know you can't live without cable and internet, available providers usually have flyers in the admin office. Admin will take care of MERALCO for you. Water charges are included on top of your monthly assoc. dues.

11) Pets - If you own one, you might have to ask if the condo allows it. Otherwise, you have to leave your baby at your parents' house and take your place as prince/princess. :))

12) Know the terms of payment and manage your financials. Request your agent to provide you with the payment schedule, they will compute this for you once you've chosen your unit. Prior to your move in, remember that this is like moving in a house also - they will make you pay membership fee for the association, fire extinguishers (if not free), MERALCO initial payment, etc. Therefore, do not forget to ask the admin office how much these fees are so you can prepare for it.

I hope this entry helps. These are just the basics. Choose wisely and good luck to you. Let's shout together: FREEDOM!!! LMAO ;)