Monday, December 29, 2014

The Island of Coron, Palawan

Recently named the best island in the World, Palawan is truly a majestic place to travel to. Compared to other islands I've been to, the islands in Coron are never too crowded - maybe because there are a lot of places to go to. You will never run out of places to visit. "So many things to do, so little time!" Which is why it will be worth it coming back to this piece of earth to find serenity and peace.

Our first adventure: We climbed Mt. Tapyas and its 700++ steps to view the spectacular sunset. There were resting spots in between where you can stop, sit, and take a deep breath. Don't forget to bring water because I swear, its super tiring! I almost didn't make it on top. LOL!

 After that tiring hike to Mt. Tapyas, relax yourself at the Maquinit Hot Spring for a P200 fee per pax. You won't feel sore the next day if you do this. Natural hot springs are the best.

The next day, we took a boat ride to go to Kayangan Lake - known as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. True to its reputation, it is clean. You have to hike a pile of rock stairs to get to the lake though.

It is most beautiful in the morning. You can take the best picture during that time since there are only a few people, it gets a little crowded after 10 AM.

Fish feeding and snorkeling. There is a spot where you can see a sunken Japanese Warship under water. It's so creepy it feels like the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean, goosebumps!

Another hike to Barracuda Lake.

By the way, you have to pay Php 50 per pax for each of the spots you will visit. I know, I know, a bit pricey if you will visit 5 or more islands. I hope Coron will give tourists packages that pays for the whole thing and make it a little hassle-free.

For your Coron island hopping, you may contact Mr. Marvin Tayco (boat owner) at 0915-611-1974 or 0998-163-2539. They offered us an affordable rate for four and prepared a yummy lunch for us. One of the boatman went with us as our tour guide.

We stayed at Coron Westown Resort. Spacious and cozy rooms, staff were accommodating and ok. I love their bathroom, it is sooo big! Choose rooms beside the pool on the ground floor for easy access.

Travel light if you can. There are no scanners in Coron's airport so they look at your bags manually.

Ooohh I love Palawan! :) Definitely going back, for the beaches next time.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Guidelines in choosing a condominium.

Looking for a condo? Here are some basic tips/guidelines that would help you determine if the condominium you're looking at will live up to your standards. This is for y'all especially the single people who are starting an independent life and moving out of their parents' home...

I wouldn't say I am an expert, but living in condos for about two years now, I've seen different flaws that could have been avoided if you choose your condo wisely. There is no perfect condo, that is for sure. But it's up to you to decide which flaws you can live with. 

1) First and most important, know the developer.

Research about the developers and visit their actual sites. Showrooms only show you the "ideal" appearance of your future unit, but when you get it bare, that's a different story (a story full of expenses LOL) For me, the most important thing is the foundation of the building and how the dividers in each units are built. Try to punch the walls and feel for yourself if its full concrete or hollow. Most developers build their projects the same way so you will get a slight idea what type of construction that developer does. Once you've chosen your preferred developer, choose which of their projects are within your preferred area. Then do your site visit again.

2) Management of propertyDuring your site visit, look around. Is their condo properly maintained, clean and homey? The appearance of the condo reflects the type of management it has.

3) Amenities and facilities.

How big is the pool and imagine if it can accommodate all the people in that compound. Some condos offer gym, tennis and basketball courts. Be sure that the events area is away from your prospect unit, because it might be noisy there occasionally, if you don't mind a little noise then okay. Common areas should be visitor friendly also.

4) Ask people there how much is the monthly association dues. Multiply that to the size of your prospect unit, and reflect if you can afford to pay it. Owning a condo is a responsibility, you need to start paying your bills. Haha!

5) Ask where the garbage bins are. Trust me on this.

6) Security - Of course you need to feel safe if you're living alone.

7) Parking - Whether you own a car or not, inquire if there are ample parking space. (Well if you ask the agents they usually say yes haha) It's still better to have your own though, yes pricey, but convenient. You can always rent it out if you don't own a car yet.

8) Drying cages - They usually have this for low and mid-rise condominiums. But if you don't have time to wash your clothes, you can ask the admin for recommended laundry shops near the area - they will pick-up and deliver your clothes for you.

9) Accessibility - Public transportation or private vehicle? Where is the nearest supermarket, mall, etc.?

10) Utilities - I know you can't live without cable and internet, available providers usually have flyers in the admin office. Admin will take care of MERALCO for you. Water charges are included on top of your monthly assoc. dues.

11) Pets - If you own one, you might have to ask if the condo allows it. Otherwise, you have to leave your baby at your parents' house and take your place as prince/princess. :))

12) Know the terms of payment and manage your financials. Request your agent to provide you with the payment schedule, they will compute this for you once you've chosen your unit. Prior to your move in, remember that this is like moving in a house also - they will make you pay membership fee for the association, fire extinguishers (if not free), MERALCO initial payment, etc. Therefore, do not forget to ask the admin office how much these fees are so you can prepare for it.

I hope this entry helps. These are just the basics. Choose wisely and good luck to you. Let's shout together: FREEDOM!!! LMAO ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Be a good man.

"Be a good man.
Be good in the face of failure.
Sometimes, being the best means being the least.
Be good even after you made a mistake.
Sometimes being good just boils down to being able to say sorry.
Sometimes being good is loving the people who hurt you...
And making the most difficult choices that may hurt the people you love."

An excerpt from a John Lloyd movie.

May moral lessons din talaga doon, hindi puro kilig lang. :))

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Long overdue PH government issues.

In the eyes of a normal citizen like me...

Dear politicians,


Seriously? Hindi naman ito major problem. Isang napakaliit na problema na madali naman solusyunan. Simple lang solusyon dyan: ipagbawal na ng tuluyan ang "tandem". Pang-isang tao lang naman talaga ang motor diba? Nag-aaksaya pa kayo ng oras parahin sila at tanungin isa isa. Dagdag pa kayo sa traffic. 1) tapos problema nyo 2) for the motorists' safety na din, mahirap kaya may naka angkas, takaw disgrasya lang yan 3) bawas holdap. Three birds with one stone. :))


Its called "permanent" danger zone for a reason. Bakit ba hinahayaan nyong may tumira doon? Tapos aalis lang sila pag puputok na yung bulkan. Mag-eevacuate sila at gagastos ang gobyerno ng Php 178 million sa loob ng 3 months para mapakain at alagaan sila. Sana hindi nalang sila doon nakatira, para yung mga may mas tunay na pangangailangan ang makakuha ng tulong - hindi yung mga tao na alam nang delikado eh pinagsisiksikan yung mga sarili nila sa permanent DANGER ZONE. Ang nakakatawa pa nyan, pagkatapos ng pagputok ng bulkan, hahayaan nyo nanaman sila bumalik doon. Tapos next eruption ganun nanaman. Ugh. What a waste of resources.


I'll keep this short and simple: It affects businesses, and somehow, someday, it will hurt our economy. Somebody. Do. Something.


If it will happen, I approve of it. Why? Because during his term, madaming naglabasan na corruption issues. And for me, its a start. Ibalik lahat ng pera ng Pilipinas, tapos saka idistribute ulit to help others. Sana mabawasan na yung naibubulsa para makinabang naman tayong lahat, hindi lang yung paisa isang politiko na may mga mansyon sa iba ibang lupalop ng Pilipinas. Help the Philippines before you help yourselves - this should be the motto of every politician. ANO MAGAGAWA NG PERANG NINAKAW MO KUNG BABAKSAK LANG RIN NAMAN ANG PILIPINAS? Mag-aabroad ka? Sige lumayas ka na! LOL. Pero kung tatakbo si Mayor Duterte, sa kanya nalang ako boboto. I think that is what our country needs - FEAR of the government. Greed kind of wasted the beauty of democracy here in the Philippines.


Sa totoo lang, wish ko sana yung mga tax payers lang ang pwede makaboto. I know, I know, ang sama ng iniisip ko and its not fair. Pero isipin mo, pera ng taxpayers ang ninanakaw ng mga politiko... pera ng taxpayers ang ginagamit ng gobyerno... pera ng taxpayers ang bumubuhay sa Pilipinas. Kaya sana, taxpayers lang din ang pwede magdecide kung sino ang magnanakaw at gagamit ng perang pinaghirapan at pinagtrabahuhan nila. HINDI BA MAS FAIR YUN? Kung gusto mo may say ka, aba magbayad ka rin, wala ng libre sa panahon ngayon. Just saying.

I just wish politicians would end their greed... and take care of the people who gave them money and power. If you're running for office, remember that you have a big responsibility to the Filipino people. Think of us as your family, treat us like your children who needs your support and care. Whats happening here now makes me sad. All the negative news of stealing and killing and pointing fingers - it needs to end. Lets all go for the greater good and not settle for the lesser evil. We are Pinoy, we can do this! :)

"HUMILITY - all GREAT leaders possess it."

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's hard to please everyone.

But the real question is: Why would you (even try)?

This has been my ultimate question when I finally realized that I've been stressing myself for the approval of people who doesn't even like or understand me. After years of trying, I came to the conclusion that THEY NEVER WILL... AND I GIVE UP. I waved my white flag and I can honestly say (after a few months of what ifs, etc etc.) that I am happier. I promised myself that I will never let what others think of me affect me as a person... because whatever that is, this is me. I cannot change who I am especially for people who does not even care about me. People like me just the way I am and I know it. Those who cannot understand me clearly doesn't take time to even try to... so why even bother to please them? The perfect answer is to just be civil. Ignore it, as hard as it may be. I've been struggling for months now, to keep my patience and not get into arguments even if I have tons of things to say. Sometimes, expressing yourself too much is a bad thing. Besides, a closed mind and heart can never be moved. Whatever you say, whatever you do, you will always be wrong in their eyes. You just have to wait for that moment when they will realize ON THEIR OWN the things you try to do for them. Until that time comes, KEEP CALM AND STOP TRYING. :)

You live for your own happiness. Don't let other people define you and how to live your life. If they don't appreciate you, that's their problem -- not yours. Never apologize for being you.

We always make hard decisions for the people we love, but always remember this - they will come around. Patience dear friend, patience.

"If people talk negatively about you, don't let them affect you. Live in such a way that no one will believe them."

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fortune Island, Batangas

We've been planning and researching about this for weeks. Finally...

I present to you, Leviste's abandoned island in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Once upon a time, this was a private luxury resort. People can only reach it through either a boat or a helicopter. Since Leviste was accused of murder, and following the opening of other private resorts in Nasugbu (where you won't need a boat or a helicopter ride), this island slowly lost the competition until its abandonment. No lights, no water, no everything.

Boat ride was a bit pricey. Php5,500-6,000 for 6-7 pax for overnight trip. Travel time is around an hour going from Nasugbu to the island. Landing fee will cost you Php400 per person for an overnight stay (this will go to the Korean, a diver who is renting the island from the Leviste's) Bring your own tent or you can rent one for a fee of Php700-800. I suggest you buy one kasi magkapresyo lang halos, plus you can bring it home pa. Don't forget your emergency lights and water. These are the most important things to bring.

So here starts the adventure...

Look for your friends and go for a boat ride.

Set up your tents and make sure your stuffs are safe and sealed.

Climb up and view the whole island.

Here I found lost kids wandering with a statue.

...and then I found a lost mermaid (or syokoy?) fighting with the waves.

I also found a kid who almost lost one of his slippers.

C'mon and jump off a cliff. (I didn't really jump haha)

We played with the sunset.

...and the sunset played with us.

All in all, it was a great adventure. It was my first time to experience something like this. Kaya naman pala mabuhay ng 2 days without electricity and internet, sleeping sa tent and walang ligo ligo. Bawal maarte sa island na to. Nawala yung arte ko. Hahaha :)) Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so try it girls and boys. #YOLO

"Every new friend is a new adventure... a start of more memories."

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Puerto Galera

We are back.

And its not all drinking and gambling.

I was surprised to see Galera in a different way. We have been here a few times and surprisingly, this is the first time I've seen its true beauty. We went snorkeling, and I WOW-ed knowing there is something like this near Manila.

White Beach has a mini port now where all the boats unload their passengers. In a way, this lessens the accidents from boats being all over the place where people are swimming. For a 50php fee, you can enter White Beach hassle free.

We went island hopping and caving. I honestly enjoy less crowded islands, its more quiet and you can just relax and lay down in the sand. We had lunch in one of those islands, the locals there were very accommodating - they prepared and cooked food for us.

Me and my friends definitely had fun in White Beach during the night. We spent it at Mikko's Bar. Super fun! Picture taking, comedy shows, night swimming and Mindoro Sling - a good combination for a good night.

GOOD FRIENDS = GOOD TIMES! Thank you guys for this trip. You guys are the best, ever. :)

"In the end, its not going to matter how many friends you had, but how many made an impact on your life."

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pay your Meralco Bill thru BDO Online

First of all, I am writing this post because the BDO agents doesn't help. They don't even know what numbers to enter. I just wasted my time when I decided to call them and ask...

MERALCO recently changed some subscriber numbers as part of their upgrade of computers in certain branches I think. So I had to re-enroll my account.

So here's the procedure:
1. Go to "Pay Bills" icon.
2. Click "Enroll Company/Biller".
3. Choose MERALCO from the drop down menu. Subscriber Number is the FIRST 11 DIGITS of your ATM/Phone Reference No. (You can see this at the bottom part of your bill) Subscriber Name is the name registered in your bill, you can find this at the top of your bill. Enter your preferred nickname then click Submit.
4. Click the "Pay Bills" icon again when you receive the confirmation of enrollment.
5. Choose which account to pay from then enter MERALCO in the biller section. Doing this will show your Subscriber No. and Name. It will ask you to enter an ATM/Phone Ref. No. Enter the LAST 5 DIGITS of your ATM/Phone Ref. No. (this changes every bill)
6. Enter the amount then click Submit.

Pay your bill on time bcoz BDO Online doesn't accept overdue payments. I guess the last digits of your ATM/Ref. No. expires. Good luck! :)

**UPDATE** October 21, 2015

So if all else fails and you cannot pay your bills online, try going to the nearest SM Bills Payment. I heard they can now accept late payments until 6 or 7 days past the due date. Cool right? Thank you, SM! :)