Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's hard to please everyone.

But the real question is: Why would you (even try)?

This has been my ultimate question when I finally realized that I've been stressing myself for the approval of people who doesn't even like or understand me. After years of trying, I came to the conclusion that THEY NEVER WILL... AND I GIVE UP. I waved my white flag and I can honestly say (after a few months of what ifs, etc etc.) that I am happier. I promised myself that I will never let what others think of me affect me as a person... because whatever that is, this is me. I cannot change who I am especially for people who does not even care about me. People like me just the way I am and I know it. Those who cannot understand me clearly doesn't take time to even try to... so why even bother to please them? The perfect answer is to just be civil. Ignore it, as hard as it may be. I've been struggling for months now, to keep my patience and not get into arguments even if I have tons of things to say. Sometimes, expressing yourself too much is a bad thing. Besides, a closed mind and heart can never be moved. Whatever you say, whatever you do, you will always be wrong in their eyes. You just have to wait for that moment when they will realize ON THEIR OWN the things you try to do for them. Until that time comes, KEEP CALM AND STOP TRYING. :)

You live for your own happiness. Don't let other people define you and how to live your life. If they don't appreciate you, that's their problem -- not yours. Never apologize for being you.

We always make hard decisions for the people we love, but always remember this - they will come around. Patience dear friend, patience.

"If people talk negatively about you, don't let them affect you. Live in such a way that no one will believe them."