Saturday, October 3, 2015

Learn to read people's actions -- not their words.

"People might not always tell you how they feel, but they'll always show you. You can't rely on words. Words can be as empty as the people who hold them."

As the saying goes, "actions can speak louder than words"... True enough. People might not always tell you they love or care for you, but they will always show you - even in little things, like bringing you food, giving you small items that they know you like, volunteering to do stuffs for you, etc.

On the other hand, it might just be the opposite. Some people tend to secretly hate you, while being nice and saying nice things around you. We can call them backstabbers if you like. :)) Haha! There are more lies in the world than the truth. So you can help yourself by trusting your instincts. Learn how to feel, learn how to distinguish who are true to you.

I know its hard to let go of people who matters to you - even if you always feel like you never mattered to them. But you should learn to value yourself, because once you give in, it will never stop ruining your perception of life. You will start to think that life is unfair, but truthfully, IT IS NOT. Life is what we make it. IT IS ALWAYS OUR CHOICE. Never trust anyone but yourself, because in the end, you only need to please one person - and that person is YOU.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Magalawa Island, Palauig, Zambales

I researched for weeks, read blogs, browsed throughout the internet - and all I read was that Magalawa Island is a nice place to visit... quoting bloggers' words "its all worth it". I even learned of the story of the two rival resorts: Ruiz Camp Resort vs. Armada Resort. Plus photos from Google were aaamazing.

Oh well. Those blogs were 90% of the reasons we decided to go to Magalawa Island.

So we planned to go one weekend, fixed our budget and packed our bags. We opted to stay at Ruiz Camp Resort because we cannot contact Armada Resort (no one is answering their cellphone). Its a good thing though, we got the best service from Ruiz Camp Resort.

Our expenses were (for 8 pax):

Gas - P 1,425 (we brought our own car)
Toll - P 816 (round trip)
Parking - P 200 (parking for Ruiz Resort looks safer than Armada's, there is a guard at the entrance of the compound)
Accommodation - P 1,700 per head for nipa hut (4 pax)
                                  P 1,400 per head for tent pitching (4 pax, we brought our own tent)
Included in this package are:
- 5 mins. boat ride from Luan Port (priced at P 100/head but this is free if you will get the package)
- 4 meals (this is supposed to be Lunch-Dinner-Breakfast-Lunch, but we arrived too early at the island and they let us eat breakfast instead of the lunch meal for the next day)
- Snorkeling

Ruiz Camp Resort personnel and caretaker (Mang Mulo) are veryyy accommodating. I salute you guys! They always serve our meals on time, and every meal there are 3 types of dishes. Even after our snorkeling, they never failed. Its as if they know when we are hungry. LOL.

The beach however, is a different story.

The sand, yes, that's cool. Different from other parts of Zambales which are mostly grey. But the beach itself is MEH.

I don't know if those are called plants or seaweeds but they are yuckyyy.. They even have mold-like thingies on the leaves. They are all over the place. I'm not sure though if these are seasonal, we might have gone there at the wrong season. ITS EVERYWHERE! I guess its because of the lack of waves and movement at the shore. But I still think this could be fixed. The locals could clean this up with a net or whatever, just so as to lessen (if not eliminate) those leaves. Hindi naman ako maarte, kadiri lang talaga yung molds sa dahon. I didn't even dare to cross the deeper part of the sea to get on to the balsa, I was so scared I could step on something deadly.

But Magalawa Island is photogenic. That I can say. We managed to still capture its beauty somehow. Its white sand and its perfect blue green waters.

I'm sorry to say this. I honestly think the island is a bit overrated. No offense. I'm just letting this out for future travelers out there. If you are bringing kids, or love to swim - this island is not for you. Yes, it could be worth it. It is budget friendly, 2k per head. But make sure you bring with you a fun company, you would be dead bored if you wouldn't. Or you might be stung by a jellyfish if you'd insist on swimming.

But in case you still want to experience camping at a budget-friendly price here in Magalawa, I strongly suggest you go with Ruiz Camp Resort.

It could have been better. I just hope the locals in that area would help clean up the shore. I know its not their fault, but they earn from tourism over there, they could at least try. #justsaying

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Why Philippine Politics is nakakalurkey.

Lahat nagagalit sa ginawang pagdedma ni PNoy sa pagsalubong sa dead bodies ng mga namatay na SAF. Hindi pa din maka move-on yung mga tao. But really, what do you expect from a president who is driven by show business?? Of course he would prioritize an inauguration, a wedding and an interview. Or maybe he thinks that a “bad publicity” would up his career a few notches. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MIX SHOWBIZ AND POLITICS. It doesn’t work. Clearly, the Filipino people are blind. It already happened with Erap before right? HINDI NA TAYO NATUTUTO.

Being a president of a country is not a game, it’s not a race and it’s definitely not a competition. Lives of real people are at stake here. Pag sablay yung presidente, sablay din yung buong bansa… at kailangan natin magtiis for another 6 years to the end of his term. Ilang sundalo pa ang mamamatay sa kamay ng mga rebelde bago tayo gumising? Ilang pamilya pa ang maghihirap bago tayo matauhan?

WAG NINYO IPAGBILI ANG BOTO NYO. Wag nyo iboto dahil sikat, or dahil lagi nyo nakikita sa TV, or dahil bibigyan kayo ng pabahay, or dahil madaming magandang pangako. Tignan nyo yung mga nagawa nila bilang normal na mamamayan - kung madami syang nagawang maganda at nakakatulong sa bayan, saka mo tanungin sa sarili mo, “papano pa kaya kung maging presidente siya?”. We should vote for those candidates who can DO more, not those who can GIVE more - because giving is easy when you’re already in position. Doing, on the other hand, is a responsibility.

Politicians who genuinely care for our country, where are they? Tatakbo palang sila, nawawalan na sila ng chance. Ang mas may chance manalo ay yung kurakot na madaming pera (na ninakaw din nila sa taong bayan, tapos babawiin nila pag nailuklok na sila sa pwesto) Ayoko sabihin na tanga ang mga Pilipino kasi Pilipino din ako. Ako rin naiinis kasi nagbabayad din ako ng napakalaking tax, tapos nakikita ko wala rin naman napupuntahang maganda. Worse, napupunta pa sa bulsa ng mga politiko. Nakakainis pa lalo kasi nakakahiya yung mga politicians natin pag naibabalita sa world news. Tinanggal na sa pagiging presidente, pero nanalo pa din na mayor. Nakakulong na nga, nanalo pa ding senator. On trial sa pagnanakaw or napatunayang nagnakaw, biglang magkakasakit tapos hospital arrest instead of kulungan. Excuse me, gumawa yan ng kasalanan, may sakit man o hindi. Yung mga nasa kulungan ba pinapahospital nyo pag may sakit? ANOBER?! Nakakaloka. AND WE LET THIS HAPPEN...

Minsan parang gusto mo na lang sumigaw sa inis. Pag nakukuha mo yung special pay mo tuwing December tapos makikita mo na 1/3 ng bonus mo ay napunta lang sa tax. “P*+#%&!$@ dugo’t pawis ko yan eh!” Tapos wala ka ng magagawa kasi hindi naman voluntary. Tapos pag uwi mo makikita mo sa news yung mga mukha ni Jinggoy, Napoles, Binay, atbp. ANG KAKAPAL!

Kung hindi lang maganda ang nature-tripping dito sa Pilipinas, malamang wala na talagang magkakagusto magstay dito. Ang sarap sana maglayas at tumira sa ibang bansa, pero karamihan sa atin hindi magawa kasi nandito mga pamilya natin, and all. Haaayyy..sige take a deep breath nalang. Join the plunge… to our doom! Hahaha joke lang. WAKE UP PINAS!